My Book of Catholic Prayers [89000045]

My Book of Catholic Prayers [89000045]

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This booklet compiles Catholic prayers with illustrations:
traditional prayers, the Commandments, the Rosary prayer with meditation, and more.
Recommended for gifts!
Available in both English and Japanese versions.

Japanese ver. 『わたしの祈り』 ⇒


My Book of Catholic Prayers[英語版]

Price: ¥324
Size: A6
Pages: 49
Format: Saddle stitching
Item #: 89000045



【 INDEX 】  ◆…only in English ver.  

The Sign of the Cross

The Commandments

─The Greatest Commandment


Daily Prayer

─The Lord's Prayer

─Glory be to the Father

─The Apostles' Creed

─Prayer to the Holy Spirit

─Hail Mary

─Hail, Holy Queen!

─The Morning Offering

─Evening Prayer

─Grace before Meals

─Grace After Meals

─Prayer to your Guardian Angel

─Act of Charity

─Act of Faith

─Act of Hope

─An Act of Contrition


Prayers to Our Lady

─The Magnificat

─The Memorare of St. Bernard

─The Angelus

─Rosary Novena Prayer

─How to Pray the Rosary

 ・Joyful Mysteries

 ・Mysteries of Light

 ・Sorrowful Mysteries

 ・Glorious Mysteries

─Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary ◆


Prayers to Jesus

─Prayer to the Sacred Heart ◆

─The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy ◆

─Prayer Before a Crucifix ◆

─Anima Christi

─Prayer to the Holy Family


Prayer to the Saints

─Prayer to St. Joseph over 1900 years old

─A Prayer to St. Rita ◆

─A Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

─Prayer to St. Anthony ◆

─St. Michael the Archangel ◆